We are pleased to announce that Southeast Energy Storage is growing! What began as a small shop focusing on residential energy storage is now entering the design-build space for custom renewable generation projects. By bringing on highly skilled principals into the firm, Southeast Energy Storage is now a fully licensed and insured GC (CGC#1529389) and retains an active Professional Engineer in addition to a Master Electrician. 

Our team brings decades of experience in complex, high-value, and often custom projects for visionary clients. 




Sonnen, a prominent energy storage system provider, is making waves by scaling their systems to a level where, at some point, they could aggregate resources and provide utility-like services. What does this mean? Well, it depends on who the audience is:

For utilities, it is a shot across the bow that new technology and applications WILL disrupt their market-share at some point for the good of the consumer.

For Customers, it provides an option to trade low variable cost utility power for an up-front fixed cost which is assumed to be at or below the lifetime cost of the avoided utility power; with benefits.

The good news is that with providers such as Sonnen educating developers and utilities, there is a building appetite for these systems to be adopted at the lowest cost-point possible, either at the time of construction, or as a part of a distributed energy network where shared benefit offsets costs for both utilities and ratepayers.

Will either of these opportunities come to your local area? They can if given a voice.

Contact us today to find out which programs are available to you now and what we are doing to advantage utility customers for the future. 





Today the spotlight is on demand charges. These charges are common in commercial and industrial utility rates and we have explored them in detail in our Energy 101 blog HERE

Studies continue to confirm that the products we offer to commercial clients will decrease utility costs significantly with low payback periods. 

Contact us today to start the dialogue on how we can best serve your bottom line!




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